Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors

Whiskey Charlie, Mountain Up Brand Ambassador, off on another adventure.  Visit us at
Wesley Clemens

I'm originally from California; I was born in Big Bear.  Both of my parents were ski bums, although my dad's a navy vet, so there's that lol. Enlisted in the Cali National Guard and moved to Tahoe when I was 17, did that in my winters in between drill, till I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. Once I returned home there was only really one place I could ever call home again, so I moved back to Tahoe. Now I spend my time working and living in Tahoe, trying to figure out how to be a positive role model for veterans, and my community, while shredding the gnarl and hiking as much as possible.

My hobbies include hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, photography, and camping in the backcountry.

I was a combat engineer 12B (or 21B depending on who you ask) I was with the 235th sapper company out of Petaluma but I deployed with or sister company the 649th out of Chico California.

Favorite mantra: "No falls no balls. No brains no headache"

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Jaime From Weekend Warrior Apparel is a Mountain Up Cap Company Ambassador 

Jaime (JD) Rivera

My name is Jaime (JD) Rivera, I’m originally from Isabela, PR. Coming from a Military family I always wanted to be a U.S. Army guy. In 2002 right after 911 I joined the Army as a reservist with a transportation unit (88H) out of Ft. Buchanan, PR. In 2004 we deployed to the sand box where we played pew pew for 12 months. After I got back, I made the executive decision to become a (79R), and after being PVT Riverapardo for 3 years, I re upped and went to 21B school.

I served a total of 9 years and Loved every single day! Now We live in San Antonio were we started a small company called Weekend Warrior Apparel. “only on the weekends” is our motto. We are happy to be a part of this great company and looking forward to the future! Cheers! SGT R

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Eddy, Brand Ambassador, loves beard oil.

Edgardo Guzman

Eddie from Cleveland Ohio, deployed to Iraq with with 497th transportation company and 96th heavy truck company, and deployed to Afghanistan with D troop 1-13th cav 1st armored. Favorite hobbies, shooting and combing my beard. Favorite quote " I just want to do hoodrat things with my hoodrat friends"

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Amani sporting a Mountain Up 2-22 Infantry cap

Amani Davis

My name is Amani Davis. I reside in Connecticut and have been here for years. I like going to the range, gaming and spending time with my family (even with people i have met online from the battalion). I started my apparel line so my husband and his company could bond again or reach out to one another. It was then other companies reached out to me and i took on another journey. I made the apparel lined up for the whole battalion as to one company. It's very small and i am doing this hoping it will turn into some big and catch on with more people. Well that is about it, anything else you want to know just let me know.