Army Week Collection

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Army Week and Mountain Up Partner

Mission:  To provide quality educational forums, events, and activities to highlight the achievements, sacrifice, and service of those who have worn or currently wear the uniform of the United States Army, and their families.

Goal:  To create a multi-generational program that will help establish a “never forget” mindset with the public, and with those who have served.   Army Week Association is comprised of Veterans, Reservists, Military Spouses and committed Community Members who care deeply about remembering who we served with, and why we served.

Army Week Association, by mission, aims to educate; the veteran, the families, the communities, the employers, and those still serving in uniform.  We hold forums and panels that will embrace and articulate the many issues facing those who have served, so we can all better assist their transition and reintegration into their communities.  We also hold unique events recognizing their courage and valor on the battlefield and their contributions here at home. Ultimately, our mission at Army Week Association, Army Week NOLA, and Army Week NYC is to aid and assist communities in welcoming back their sons and daughters from service, help them care for those that need more assistance due to the rigors of combat, and comfort the families of the fallen.  The ethos instilled in a soldier, marine, sailor, and airman while in the United States Armed Forces consistently results in community philanthropy and appropriation, and we will highlight those men and women doing just that.

AWA believes in promoting veteran artists and children and spouses of our service members. All graphic design for AWA is done by Alvaro Cucuta, Sherrye Alves, & Jen Garza.



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